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Ultra-Fab super grip chocks

Ultra-Fab introduces Super Grip Chocks XL

The latest addition to Ultra-Fab Products’ line of manual stabilizers is their Super Grip Chocks XL designed to eliminate front-to-back rocking motion.

The Super Grip Chocks XL anchors opposing wheels of tandem axles, which creates a firm foundation while the RV is parked. Improperly chocked RVs promote an unstable platform inside the living area that can cause nausea associated with seasickness, the organization announced in a press release. The Super Grip Chocks XL eliminates this sensation.

Constructed with heavy-duty steel, the Super Grip Chocks XL is designed for vehicles with tandem axles such as motorhomes, travel trailers and fifth wheel trailers.

Setting up at the campground is quick and easy. Place the Super Grip Chock XL between the tires, expand the chock by ratcheting the screw mechanism until it fits firmly and securely between the tires. Its pivoting louvers increase tire grip, and its superior handle design reduces slippage while mounting between tires. The Super Grip Chocks XL collapses to 3.5 inches and expands to 17 inches making it ideal for any tandem axle RV. The ratchet wrench and a padlock that deters theft are included.

Super Grip Chocks XL come in a single pack (p/n 21-001094) or twin pack (p/n 21-001095). Both configurations are backed by Ultra-Fab’s lifetime warranty.

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