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Travel With Kevin and Ruth: What a place

From the bloggers at Travel With Kevin and Ruth.

Nice short drive of only 58 miles yesterday morning as we made our way from the eastern outskirts of Zion National Park up in altitude to Bryce Canyon National Park at 7,500 ft.

Really pretty scenery along the way. We really like this area. Too bad it’s not warmer during the winter or we would spend more time here. Even now it’s a bit chilly, but for a week of beautiful hiking we’ll put up with it!

We arrived at Bryce Canyon City at around 11 a.m. Not a city, in fact its hardly a town because it all centers on the tourist businesses of Ruby’s Inn. But, due to some weird law, they are actually able to be recognized as a city. Legally, it’s called Bryce Canyon City. Really, it’s just Ruby’s Inn, and now a couple of other businesses.

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