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Jenny Adams
Jenny Adams

Travel + Leisure: Airstream Camping in Bolivia’s Uyuni Salt Flat

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The Uyuni Salt Flat in Bolivia is one of most intimidating landscapes on Earth—I arrived informed of the statistics. Spanning more than 4,000 square miles at an altitude of 12,000 feet, it’s a beautiful moonscape where temperatures can swing 40 degrees in a day. You can fry, and you can freeze. To that point, my bag contained 50 SPF, polarized sunglasses and a 4-layer, Arc’teryx jacket.

What I wasn’t prepared for was the sheer silence. I wasn’t ready for the deep emotions sweeping over me at sunset. And I certainly wasn’t prepared for feeling so tiny and insignificant, while at the same time like I could stroke the clouds or potentially catch a glimpse of God.

Visitors have a couple of options: You can stay at one of the hotels along the border and drive into this crazy, crusty, saline phenomenon for a day trip. Or you can camp along the mountain ridge and ride motorcycles along it.

A booking through tour company Cox & Kings is approximately $3,500 for double occupancy. This includes all transfers, two days exploring the salt flats in Land Cruisers with multi-lingual expert guides, bicycles, haute cuisine, hot showers, and help in creating optical illusion images using an iPhone and a few plastic toys. You hike around the base of the flower-covered Tunupa volcano and climb inside a cave to see thousand-year-old skeletons. You also get to ogle the flamingos and llamas that live as neighbors to the salty plains.

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Jenny Adams
Jenny Adams


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