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Travel With Kevin and Ruth: Windshield crack repair

From the bloggers at Travel With Kevin and Ruth.

I received the repair kit that I had ordered from

To give you some background, our 1996 motorhome windshield comes in two pieces…a driver’s side, and a passenger side. The passenger side had about a two foot long crack in it that’s been there for about a year and a half. And the driver’s side had about a one inch size chip in it…bigger than a quarter.

But the windshields cost over $600 per side, and we had no insurance coverage for that type of damage.

And, our 2006 car had about an 18″ long crack on the driver’s side. This windshield is relatively cheap, at around $300 to replace. But I figured I could practice on it prior to doing the motorhome windshields.

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