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A transition I am looking forward to

Change of any sort is difficult. Usually! I like to use the word transition because it creates a different mindset. An easier hurdle to clear.

I recently came to realize that my RV is no longer my house on wheels, but rather a work vehicle. It was hard for me to process this transition and it even caused some nostalgia because Norm and I have thrived in our house on wheels for 17 months.

The time spent living in the RV made us realize that our 1,000-square-foot house is palatial in comparison. The house is a labor of love having been built over those 17 months. Every part of the house is exactly how we planned it, bringing all of our ideas and tastes to life.

We can proudly say that we have invested many man (and woman) hours of sweat equity into our labor of love. Sure we had a contractor that kept the project flowing in a forward motion in our absence, but when we were home, we were working.

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We are prepping to spend another 10 days on the road in the RV for work. I have to focus on packing so I don’t forget anything. I have been so used to rolling out of bed, hitting the road and not worrying if I forgot anything because everything I needed was right there; that is until we came home and unpacked.

After 10 days of work we will return to our new house and settle in for the summer. We are looking forward to developing a new routine that works for us and we don’t think the transition will be too difficult. We will use our summer finishing up small projects around the house, but we will also spend this time getting some maintenance done on the RV.

Because the RV was our home, we stalled with any maintenance that would require us to forfeit our home for any length of time. The summer will afford us the opportunity to catch up on some of these necessary repairs.

Even though the RV has become only a work vehicle, I will fondly remember the 17 months we spent living, and thriving, in our house on wheels.

About Cathy Duesterhoeft

Cathy and her husband, Norm, travel throughout the United States in their Brave Winnebago working for Mainly Marathons. When home in Westfield, Wis., their RV is parked on a gravel pad while they finish construction on their new home. Cathy documents their many adventures on her website at www.positiveinfluences.net.

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