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Cathy - Santa claw

Transforming a Devil Claw into a ‘Santa Claw’

As an avid crafter, I am always on the lookout for crafting supplies as well as new and unusual mediums. On my walks through the desert of New Mexico, I have found the perfect thing that nature has to offer — a devil claw.

The dried seed pod has curly prongs growing from the top of it and when turned upside down, makes a great Santa Claus ornament with the prongs becoming part of his whiskers.

To transform the devil claw into “Santa Claw,” I tip it upside down so the prongs are on the bottom. I paint the top portion of the pod red to represent Santa’s hat and the bottom portion white to represent the white rim of his hat. The prongs are also painted white to represent his whiskers.

Some of the dried seed pods open up wide enough to warrant a round wooden doll head be inserted so a whimsical face can be painted. Other pods remain closed allowing a face to be painted right on the pod. I have also attached a bit more cotton between the prongs to make his beard and whiskers appear fuller.

Once the pod is painted, the face drawn and everything is dried, attach a string for hanging on the tree. These “Santa Claw” ornaments remind me of an Old World Santa.

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