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All Terrain Landing Gear

Torklift accessory keeps RV steps stable

The All Terrain Landing Gear from Torklift International is now available for all GlowStep applications including the GlowStep Original designed for truck campers.

The All Terrain Landing Gear comes standard with the GlowStep Revolution for towable applications but can also be retrofitted for the GlowStep Original for truck campers.

“The unique part about the All Terrain Landing Gear is its ability to adjust,” said General Manager Jay Taylor. “The landing gear attaches to the base of the step allowing the step to become level with the ground. They maneuver to accommodate uneven terrain, which is a common occurrence at most campgrounds or boon docking off the grid.”

The landing gear adjustable settings connect the base of the steps soundly to ground level, eliminating the diving board effect and wobble associated with steps parked on uneven terrain, a press release from the company stated.

Precision elevation control of the All Terrain Landing Gear provides five different settings that adjust length extension with the simple push of a button. This feature allows each side of the step base up to four inches of individual adjustment to accommodate changes in ground level.

“It’s like planting roots each time you deploy the steps with the All Terrain Landing Gear,” said Taylor. “Imagine feeling that security everywhere your RV takes you, knowing your family can safely enter and exit your RV without worry.”

Manufactured from lightweight aircraft grade aluminum, the rust-free All Terrain Landing Gear boasts a weight capacity of 1,400 pounds per pair.

“We believe the quality, safety and stability All Terrain Landing Gear provides is invaluable to any RVer,” said Taylor.

The GlowStep system features additional accessories that include the GlowGuide multi-use safety handrail, SafeStep pet safety barriers and DirtDestroyer show cleaning attachment.

“The All Terrain Landing Gear is an integral component of the GlowStep line of accessories,” said Taylor. “Torklift step systems are designed so you can pick and choose the best configuration for you and your family.”

Made in the USA, All Terrain Landing Gear is backed by Torklift’s lifetime warranty.

For more information, visit www.torklift.com, or call 800.246.8132.

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