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Tips for exercising on the road

Exercise can come in many forms and is a staple in many peoples lives.  It provides a way to stay healthy, relieve stress and maintain weight.  Sometimes when you are living in your RV full-time, you have to get a little creative with your workout.

I’ve come up with a list of ways you can exercise on the road even when your house is less than 400 square feet.  My first recommendation would be to get outside.  Nature provides so many FREE ways to break a sweat without breaking the bank.  If dealing with bugs and unpredictable weather isn’t your thing, don’t worry, there are plenty of indoor options for you.

Walking — While walking can be done just about anywhere by just about anyone, its doesn’t have to be boring!  Walking is a great way to see some of the unique parts of our country that you just can’t access by car.  We have hiked to breathtaking views in Glacier National Park, enjoyed family strolls after dinner and .  When all else fails take a loop around your campground to stretch your legs out.  Pedometers have come a long way and provide an easy way to monitor steps and challenge friends on a daily basis.

Biking — One of our favorite things to do when we get to a new campground is to take a family bike ride and check everything out.  We ooh and ahh over the fancy rigs and get a lay of the land so we can best enjoy our stay.  Biking is an efficient way to get from point A to point B, and beats starting up the diesel just to do laundry or run up to the corner store.  Whether you are an avid mountain biker or just like to cruise around, biking is an excellent, low impact option for most people of all ages.

Disc Golf — While not as popular as some other sports, disc golf is an activity that can be done all over the country.  Depending on your fitness level you can choose the speed at which you would like to play to keep your heart rate up.  There are often many hills and plenty of ground to cover to get a good workout not to mention the upper body workout you get from throwing the discs.

Geocaching — Geocaching has gained much popularity and is another excellent choice when looking for activities you can do just about anywhere.  Download a geocaching app on your cell phone or use the website to find caches in your area.  There are often multiple caches within walking or biking distance of each other and you can search for treasures while exercising.

Jen - Exercise 4Running — Running is a great choice for those that want a challenge and are are physically fit.  The best part of running for me is that I can get a great workout in a short amount of time.  I have really enjoyed running races in as many different states as I can.  I have run up the stairs of Red Rocks, climbed and run through the terrain of Utah and run along the beautiful shore of Lake Michigan in the Upper Peninsula.

Local gym membership — If you are going to be in an area for awhile, looking into the local rec center, gym or fitness center is a great idea. Fitness centers often have deals on short-term memberships and may even offer “try us free” deals.  Living social and Groupon are great places to check for discounts too.

Nationwide memberships — If you are the type that likes to go to a traditional gym and know what to expect, purchasing a membership with locations around the country might be the best fit for you.   YMCA, Lifetime Fitness and 24 Hour Fitness are fitness centers that you can join in your hometown and often use other locations during your travels.,,

Swimming — Swimming is another excellent low impact form of exercise.  It is usually easy to find some form of water to swim in.  Swimming pools can be found at some fitness centers and most campgrounds.  Doing laps or water aerobics is easy on the joints, but great for the heart.  Many parts of the country offer easy lake access and provide an excellent way to get your heart rate up.

Fitness classes at campgrounds — Many campgrounds have an activity directory and offer a wide variety of fitness classes.  Join in on step aerobics, a zumba class, or water aerobics without having to leave the campground.

Fitness videos —  For those that prefer exercising in the privacy of their own home, fitness videos are a great option.  You can find videos to motivate you in just about any form of exercise.  Work out along with Biggest Loser trainers, do Pilates or sweat with the oldies.  The best part is that no one will see you and you can workout in whatever outfit you choose.

Yoga — Besides the mental and physical benefits, a great benefit of Yoga and Pilates is that they don’t take much room to do.  You just need a small floor space to place your yoga mat.  Follow along with your favorite yoga video or podcast or lead a peaceful workout in an tranquil area of the campground.

Crossfit — Although Crossfit “boxes” can be cliquey, they are popping up all over the country.  You may have to pay extra if you go to a different location, but you’ll be guaranteed a great workout that you are used to.

Whatever your preference, just get moving.  Exercise is a vital part of a healthy lifestyle and you won’t regret taking the time to do it.

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