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Tiny House Giant Journey: My personal experience and policy

From the bloggers at Tiny House Giant Journey.

After mass and grocery shopping on Sunday, we had some lunch and I talked to both of the boys for a while.  Work is going well for Nicolas and Bryce’s classes are fine . . . his football team isn’t doing too great, though!

We wanted to get out for a while and explore some more of the refuge, so we decided to go out to the Cuddo Unit for the Auto Tour Drive.

Nicolas did this drive last winter and saw alligators, so our hopes were up that Dad would get to see a gator!

During the first few miles of the drive, we were in a dry, grassy area, so we were on the lookout for birds – we did spot some turkeys and here’s the deal: insuring a self-built tiny house is challenging. I’ve struggled. Others have struggled. Insurance companies don’t know how to categorize our strange, rolling homes, let alone insure them for damage and theft. Luckily, with the popularity of the movement growing, it is becoming easier to find tiny house insurance.

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