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Tiny House Blog: Roadschooling — Teaching three kids in a VW bus

From the bloggers at Tiny House Blog

When we first hit the road, departing Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to live the mobile tiny house lifestyle via a 27-foot RV, it was myself, my girlfriend and my then 7-year old son, Tristan.

He was going into the first grade, and I was going to be his teacher. I’d never been a teacher before, and knew as much about homeschooling as a puppy knows about table manners. In my head, I imagined a traditional classroom, “minified”. I assumed I’d be standing beside a small chalkboard, writing things down as my son sat in the lone desk of our one-student school, and rattle things off as had been my experience as a child.

I hired a lesson planner, who in exchange for my hard-earned dollars, sent over material ever week that we were supposed to cover. The State of Pennsylvania had some relatively loose requirements for homeschoolers, cover x amount of subjects over the seven years or so that comprise elementary school. I got to work following those lesson plans which would ensure that we met our home state’s requirements.

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