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Thurston Talk: Get your RV summer ready with Olympia’s Awesome RV

From the bloggers at Thurston Talk.

June 21 signifies more than the start of a new season: It is the signal for adventure, fun and relaxation under the sun. Recreation vehicles can add to this experience, providing the extreme road tripper with everything they need for a leisurely drive down the coast or a scenic voyage through the badlands — motels, tents and yurts not required.

If your RV is still in hibernation mode, it is a great time to start getting your vehicle summer ready. Jim Jussila, Service Manager at Olympia’s Awesome RV, says de-winterizing your RV for summer can take place any time prior to the first use of the season as long as freezing weather conditions have passed.

Getting Ready

Whether you decide to de-winterize your RV yourself or opt to take it to a specialist like Awesome RV, Jussila said the process for de-winterizing an RV varies depending how the unit was winterized in the first place.

“If antifreeze was used to fill all the water lines, the process of flushing the antifreeze from the system can take significantly more time and water usage,” he says. “We have found it much more convenient and user friendly for the customer to simply use air pressure to blow all the water from the lines, which significantly minimizes the amount of antifreeze that needs to be put into the system.”

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