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Thrillist: The most beautiful camping spots around Nashville

From the bloggers at Thrillist.

Every weekend, the streets of Downtown Nashville are overrun with scores of bachelorette parties “woo-hooing” their way around our fair city on pedal taverns. While it’s occasionally fun to be on the receiving end of a bridal party Bingo square that reads “make out with a local,” in truth, it’s like kissing a Fireball shot mixed with hot chicken.

So it’s cleansing for the Nashvillian soul to escape the bacchanals every now and again and head into the great outdoors where we sleep on the ground and hike into the mountains. Here are some great spots to do just that, all within driving distance of Nashville.

Cedars of Lebanon

This 900-acre park takes its name from a unique set of rock gardens where cedar trees grow seemingly out of limestone beds, creating a desert-like look to the glades which also support all sorts of other rare plant species.

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