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This Lady is a Tramp: Give me forty acres

From the bloggers at This Lady is a Tramp.

When I’m all hooked up to drive down the road, my setup is 52 feet long. That’s 34 feet of rig, almost 15 feet of Honda CR-V, and a few feet of tow bar.

As most of you know, when towing a car with an RV, you should not back up. Some tow systems allow it for very short distances, but most (Roadmaster, for example) advise never to do it; you will void any warranties with them. It’s not an equipment or skills issue; it’s a physics issue. If you have experience backing trailers, you know that trailers move opposite to the rear of your tow vehicle; you can end up in a jackknife situation very quickly when in reverse.

But, here’s the critical difference between a trailer and a toad: a toad has a steering wheel, and the toad’s tires can turn in all directions! You simply cannot back a toad the same way as a trailer. It will end up turning “Every Which Way But Loose,” as Eddie Rabbitt sang for that Clint Eastwood movie.

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