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Things we hate about full-time RVing

We’ve written quite a bit about our travels and the amazing destinations we visit (, such as the Florida Keys ( and all the incredible National Parks ( we’ve visited so far. Visiting these new places and experiencing new adventures is one of the best things about full time travel.

Along with these amazing times, there are definitely parts of this lifestyle that are not so great. We like to be open and honest about this so anyone dreaming of traveling full time can get the complete picture. It’s not all sunshine and rainbows as my wife likes to say.

Here are a few things that we hate about full time travel.

1. Not being near friends and family

We’ve met wonderful friends while on the road. Our kids seem to have a new best friend at every campground we go to. We also are lucky enough to have my wife’s parents and her sister and her family travel full time as well, so we get to see them quite often. However, not being near our friends and the rest of our family is still the hardest thing about being on the road.

We knew we had great friends and family before we left, but not seeing them on a daily or weekly basis has really made us appreciate them even more.


2. Having unknowns all around you

Living in the same town for a while, it kind of becomes part of you. You know pretty much where everything is, you have a favorite restaurant, you know what’s going on in the local news, you even know the aisles of the grocery store by heart.

When you’re constantly on the move, that familiarity is non-existent. This definitely keeps us on our toes and we’ve learned to become more resourceful because of it, but we definitely miss being able to run down to the corner store, Aisle 5, middle shelf to grab a loaf of bread.

3. RV park living

Hear me out on this one. We love the camping lifestyle. We’ve been to some amazing campgrounds that we could have stayed at for months. The only thing we don’t love about this living situation is the close proximity to neighbors and that our backyard really isn’t ours.

Our four kids are pretty loud. They wrestle, yell, run around, and cry. Being 10 feet from the next RV, where the walls are basically foam, that noise travels quickly and it can be embarrassing sometimes.

We try as much as possible to be respectful of others and we’re instilling this in our kids, but kids will be kids.

I also feel bad for our kids that they can’t do as they’d like in the campground. They love building forts, having Nerf gun fights, and riding their bikes. When in a campground, we usually like to clean things up at the end of the day so other folks don’t have to look at our mess. This is frustrating to our kids a lot of the time because they want to continue their game right away the next morning.

4. Moving days

This one is totally on me. Moving days stress me out. With all the stuff that has to be done just to bring in the slideouts — toys cleaned up, floor vacuumed, rug put away, kitchen table retracted, beds folded up, dog beds moved, etc., etc. — not to mention the sewer situation, yuck!

Here’s a video we put together on everything we have to do to get ready to move, hope you enjoy!

Then after all that is done, I hear “are we there yet?” for hours on end until we get to the next destination. Oi!

5. Our never-ending wanderlust

With all of these things we hate about full time travel, we’ve awakened our wanderlust more than ever and it’s to a point we can’t stop it. If we ever settle down in one location we’re going to have a tough time not yearning for travel. That’s going to be a tough one to overcome.

Of all these negatives, they are far outweighed by positives. So, you ready to travel full time? Ask yourself these 14 questions first (

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