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Thetford ladder-mount tote

Thetford SmartTote mounts to RV ladders

RVers who keep their vehicles hooked up in one place for a long time know that Thetford Corporation’s SmartTote is an ideal way to empty their holding tanks without having to move their RV, a release from the company stated. The only thing they’ve asked for since SmartTote was introduced was an easy way to store it, the release continued.

To answer this need, Thetford is introducing Ladder Mount, a storage system that allows RVers to mount their tote on the RV’s ladder.

“What we heard from RVers is that they were employing makeshift solutions to store their tote,” Thetford’s Senior Product Manager Derry Yourman said. “Ladder Mount eliminates that with a strong and durable system made specifically for this purpose.”

Ladder Mount is engineered to be easy to use and built to last, the release stated. For example, the storage arms swivel and lock out of the way, allowing RVers easy access to their ladder when not storing a tote. Ladder Mount also saves storage space, as well as being more sanitary than RV compartment storage.

“Ladder Mount is a universal solution – it will secure all tote brands,” Yourman said, adding that Ladder Mount will also store bikes, chairs and more – up to 50 pounds.

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