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Thetford wheel and tire cleaner

Thetford introduces new wheel, tire cleaner

It’s no secret that RVers take considerable pride in their vehicles. They want them to shine like the day they bought them – right down to the wheels and tires, Thetford noted.

The company recently introduced three-in-one Wheel and Tire Cleaner, the newest member of its line of premium RV cleaning products.

“Wheel & Tire Cleaner is exactly what you’d expect from Thetford, the industry expert,” said Julie DuPei, product manager. “It’s the first product to do all three things: clean wheels, clean tires and leave a shine. It meets consumer needs better than other products on the market.”

Wheel & Tire Cleaner employs Gel-Cling, Thetford’s proprietary technology that clings to vertical surfaces while it cleans, making a job as easy as shake, spray and wipe, the release stated. Also unique is its colorant, which makes it “spray evident” so users know where they’ve already sprayed.

Wheel & Tire Cleaner contains UV blockers to keep tires looking better longer by protecting them from the harsh rays of the sun. Thetford has designed the product to be portable for consumers – the 23-ounce bottle is sized to clean one Class A, with some to spare. Wheel & Tire Cleaner was tested safe on RV surfaces.

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