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Thetford introduces 20-foot Titan sewer hose

RVer response has been outstanding since Thetford Corporation launched Titan, its new premium sewer hose system, earlier this year, a release from the company stated.

Now Thetford is making a great product even better by expanding the Titan lineup with a new 20-foot sewer kit, for RVers who may need a longer hose to empty their holding tanks, the release continued.

“Titan’s industry-leading features and attractive price have been very popular with consumers since introduction earlier this year,” said Derry Yourman, senior product manager. “The key to the new 20-foot kit is that we provide two 10-foot hoses, which gives RVers the flexibility to handle almost every situation.”

The 20-foot sewer kit is made in the U.S.A. Built with Thetford’s Proprietary TPE (Thermal Plastic Elastomer), Titan provides the highest degree of puncture and abrasion resistance to avoid annoying pinhole leaks, the release continued. It also excels in extreme temperatures.

Featuring the Revolve Universal Sewer Adapter, the adapter fits virtually all sewer hookups and its revolving head allows a straight connection to the RV outlet. It is also translucent, allowing one to see – not guess – when the tank is done emptying. Every detail has been thought of, down to a handle that keeps your hand away from a potentially messy sewer port while locking in the adapter, the release continued.

Designed to be easy to use, Titan’s proprietary ExtendGrip fitting that connects to the RV provides a larger area for handling. When Titan is stored inside the RV, the secure end caps will ensure that there are no messy drips.

“Titan offers unparalleled quality at an attractive price point,” Yourman said. “We’re also continuing the world-class marketing support we offer – including an eye-catching shelving display – to help dealers sell the full Titan line to RVers, regardless of which one meets their needs.”

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