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Therapik removes the pain of insect stings, bites

SUNRISE, Fla. — Therapik offers drug-free relief of pain and inflammation from insect bites and stings in as little as 30 seconds thanks to an easy-to-use device that heats the skin warm enough to destroy the protein that causes pain and itching.

The device works to ease the pain from encounters with bees, wasps, mosquitoes, fleas and even jellyfish. The soothing heat also provides relief for irritation caused by plants like stinging nettles — just about anything an RVer is likely to encounter outdoors. It does not work on scorpion stings, spider bites or snake bites because those creatures do not deliver thermolabile venom to its victims.

Therapik Photo 2Approved for use by the Food and Drug Administration, Therapik is a small, portable, hand-held, battery-powered device equipped with a carrying wrist strap.  It measures approximately 3-by-3-by-10 centimeters and weighs less than four ounces, including the battery.

The heat is initiated by use of a simple, non-locking, finger or thumb activated on/off switch.  Heat is produced as long as the switch is depressed. But, when pressure on the switch is released, the circuit is interrupted and heat is no longer produced. A protective mesh screen prevents the device from pushing a stinger further inside the skin.

Simply activate the device and apply it to the skin for 20 to 30 seconds, or as long as the victim can tolerate the heat. Because the heat becomes uncomfortable long before a burn occurs, it is virtually impossible to injure the skin, the company noted.

Therapik uses a replaceable 9-volt alkaline battery, and easily fits in a purse, pocket or backpack

Up to 20,000 species of insects and sea creatures are known to have thermolabile venoms that may be destroyed by the application of heat with the Therapik, the company explained. Certain other insects cause itching, pain and/or irritation that are not caused by thermolabile venom, but are still relieved by the application of heat.  In these cases, heating the skin appears to soothe such irritating effects by increasing blood flow and improving the cutaneous defense mechanism.

Therapik retails for $12.95.

For more information and to read user testimonials, visit www.therapik.com or call 954.578.6909.

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