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The Typical Mom: Places you can camp for free

From the bloggers at The Typical Mom.

I found a site full of places you can camp for free, or close to free for some of them! We have taken many road trips and like to camp with our children to get away from it all and leave our technology behind (great way to get closer as a family and explore)! We had some great adventures tent camping just outside of Yosemite National Park in California last summer, you can see our adventures here, and plan to do it much more often when our kids have breaks.

Camping in a tent or an RV is also a great way to save money as hotels can get to be quite expensive. Finding free campsites to camp in, and cheap ones beyond that is great so you can do more and spend less.

Freecampsites.net is a great resource when you are looking for campgrounds that are free to use or very cheap if there is a fee.

To read the full story by The Typical Mom, click here.

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