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The Snow Junkies: Living in an RV – The shower question

From the bloggers at The Snow Junkies:

We’ve been living out of an RV for almost six weeks now. When people find out our living situation, they have plenty of questions. Do you get cold at night? Where do you park? Why are you living in an RV?

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be answering the most popular questions we get in a segment we call: Living in an RV.

The Question: Where Do You Shower?

1. In the RV Shower

The Mystery Machine is equipped with a shower. It’s small, cramped, and uses all of our water. Because we’re “dry camping” (not using campground hookups like sewer and electricity), there’s a water holding tank that we can fill up with a garden hose. To use the shower, you flip on the water heater, wait twenty minutes and you’re set to take one of the worst showers of your life. Katie and Snooze refuse to use it. It’s really just more of a gear closet now.

To read the full story by The Snow Junkies, click here.

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