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The Scenic Route - We are family

The Scenic Route: We are family

From the bloggers at The Scenic Route:

I think it is certainly safe to say that we live in times in which the image of what constitutes a family has changed. There are many people who, for varied reasons, find themselves in the position of not having “blood” kin to share their lives with.

Growing up in Ohio, Sister on the Fly, Pam Elson could not have imagined that she would ever find herself in need of family. Her parents and two brothers were a close family with cousins and aunts and uncles in nearby Kent, Ohio. They enjoyed camping vacations and first owned a pop up trailer and then graduated to a little “canned ham,” Metzendorf.

Pam recalls the fun of traveling to Novia Scotia to camp and hoped to one day recreate those happy times with a family of her own.

To read the full story at The Scenic Route, click here.

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