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Scenic Route - Chicago

The Scenic Route: Great March RV escapes

From the bloggers at The Scenic Route:

Whether it’s an escape from the pressure of your career, the boredom of routine, or even just an escape from the weather, it’s important to find that place that will make you happy and allow you to return to your life happy, rejuvenated, and with new perspective.

With more than four million miles of road in the United States, the possibilities are endless.  Forget sketchy motels, greasy diner food, and schedules that are impossible to keep.  Only you know what and where your escape is, and you want to be able to customize your trip just for you.  The freedom of RVing is an essential part of finding that escape.

For ideas on where to escape in your RV, whether to the mountains, the city or even wine country, click here.

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