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The Roamans: Making the most of your RV interior storage

From the bloggers at The Romans.

RV Interior storage is prime real estate. Limited and precious, offering admission to only the best and the brightest. And specific. How we store things is just as important as what we store, especially when it comes to RV living. It’s one thing to fill cabinets and cubbies while stationary, but placement is quite another when in transit. So, what can you do to ensure that you’re making the most of your interior storage?
RV Interior Storage

1. Always lock your cabinets. Because even if you underestimated the sharpness of that last turn, needing to return a few items to their upright position is better than having your entire set of dinnerware come crashing to the floor.

2. Know your limits and choose wisely. It is certainly temping to house your every gadget and appliance, or to “stock up” while at the grocery store. For some, it is over your dead body that you’ll part with that 18 piece cookware set. For others, you can’t imagine a life without seven distinctly different variations of cereal and a 37 piece jean collection. Unless you’re regularly preparing multi-course meals for a family of nine or have 16 year old triplet daughters with whom you share clothes, it’s time to pare down.

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