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Car mechanic changing engine oil
Car mechanic changing engine oil

The Roamans: Change your RV oil at Jiffy Lube and other fun facts

From the bloggers at The Roamans.

I wanted to share with you a little story from our last day in Austin. There we were, calling all around, trying to get in a last minute oil change for Maude before hitting the road toward New Mexico. At one RV service spot we were quoted at $425 minimum. At another, $120 just for labor. We called a few Jiffy Lube’s after getting a secret tip that because Maude had a baby body, and a Mercedes Diesel engine, they should be able to do it. Three different Jiffy Lube’s said no, but there was definitely a pause beforehand. We really just needed a simple RV oil change.

And then we tried one last time, a Jiffy Lube in South Austin, located on Stassney Lane and I-35 South. A woman answers the phone. I ask, hope dripping through the mouthpiece, if they’d do it. She said hold on, and asked someone in the background. A man’s voice came through, and asked the height of the RV. We said 11ft just to be safe. His response, “If it doesn’t fit in the bay, I’ll change the oil outside. Bring her in!”

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