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The Roamans: How to travel the country without breaking the bank

From the bloggers at The Roamans.

We recently wrote an article for HubPages detailing a few tips and tricks to implement while traveling in order to save some cash. As many of you know from following along on our journey with us, full-time RV living isn’t extremely expensive, especially when compared to more conventional ways of living. However, there certainly are a few ways to save even more. You can read the full HubPage article here: How to Travel the Country Without Breaking the Bank, or just continue on reading for a few highlights. The choose-your-own-adventure starts now.

Food can be a downfall

I would say, our biggest expense has to be food. We like to cook, we like to eat fresh and healthy, plus we like to dine out at new vegan places we come across. This doesn’t help our bank account much. BUT, we learned quickly how we can make things work without going broke over breakfast. We stretch meals and learned to eat for nutritional value rather than taste. The problem that many people have is that they eat to taste. This can lead to spending a ton of extra money plus adding unnecessary calories into your diet. When you eat to fulfill nutritional needs, you aren’t as picky, you don’t overstuff, and you don’t spend half as much money. A pot of homemade Lentil soup can last 2 meals for us, which cuts the cost of making it in half. When you stretch most of your meals, AND don’t eat just for taste, you end up with a lot more money saved than you realize. We did, and that extra money went into our travels.

To read the full story by The Roamans, click here.

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