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The Roamans Blog: Where to next?

From the bloggers at The Roamans Blog.

I have to say, we’re very pleased that we decided to add the ‘contact us’ button on our website. Since inception, we’ve received an influx of messages from fellow travelers or hopeful travelers, providing advice about where we should travel or the best places to visit in the country.

Let me just say for the record… we LOVE hearing from you.¬†With the exception of the one gentleman who sent a flurry of emails around 2 in the morning criticizing a few of our vegan posts, which did include cheese options, to which I had to politely remind him that only Vanessa is vegan, and I’m a vegetarian. Cheese options are still very much in my agenda, and if he had bothered to read our ‘about us’, or our previous blogs, he would know that. That shut him up real quick, only after he criticized eating plant protein meat replacements.

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