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The Record: I’m a happy camper as camping season nears

From the bloggers at The Record.

I love camping. I have done it all my life, starting as a child with my parents, then through boy scouts and later as a teenager, and I have kept up the habit as an adult.

From their youngest age, I took my children camping, too.

Camping in Ontario is wonderful. Within a few hours of Waterloo Region there are many provincial and national parks, and many conservation areas that offer plenty of wonderful camping experiences. I have enjoyed the warm shores of Lake Erie and the sandy beaches of Turkey Point.

Why do I love camping?

Camping reminds me of all the things I don’t need. Sure, it’s nice to have a large house, a kitchen full of gadgets, hot water on tap and more. But I can be just as happy, or happier, with nine square metres of fabric, a single pot on a small stove, rudimentary cooking and charred sausages, and no cellphone. Live simply, want less. Camping is a spiritual retreat of sorts.

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