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The Paper: 5 things to do now to prep your RV for summer

From the bloggers at The Paper.

The weather is getting warmer and summer will soon be here. It is time for planning vacation trips. Before booking a campsite, owners of campers and recreational vehicles should perform some routine maintenance to ensure that their trip will go smoothly.

Mike Pendley of Milstead Automotive’s RV Division has a list of tips to help campers prepare their vehicles for a summer road-trip. “It is a whole lot better to take care of any problems while you are home instead of on the road,” Pendley said. “Trouble-free camping is happy camping.”

1. Plug it In – Turn it On: “If the RV has been stored for the winter, I recommend that you plug it in and hook water to it so you can make sure all your appliances work and there are no water leaks,” Pendley said.

2. Check and Double Check: There are several things RVers will want to check out before taking a trip. “Be sure to check the roof and body seals, the fluid levels in your battery, the condition of your hoses and belts, and all fluid levels on a motorized RV,” Pendley said. He also advised checking the converter or inverter for proper voltage.

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