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The Lady is a Tramp: Deep cuts

From the bloggers at The Lady is a Tramp.

While practicing law I spent my precious time off alternating between international and domestic vacations. During this journey through North America, I will inevitably revisit some cities. I write from Savannah, Ga., where I spent a 10-day vacation years ago. Last month I returned to Memphis, Tennessee, where I vacationed with friends for a week back in the early 2000’s.

When I was working, I was never the type for beach vacations. Sitting around and doing nothing was, and somewhat still is, a form of torture for me (although I am beginning to cultivate a taste for it). On vacation in my prior life, I wanted to pound the pavement, fold and refold the map until it was unreadable, argue with taxi drivers, and suck the marrow out of the city. Memphis and Savannah are two very good examples of my frenetic vacation pace. There is very little in the way of tourist attractions and sites that I did not see the first time.

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