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The Lady is a Tramp: Ms. Toad’s wild ride

From the bloggers at The Lady is a Tramp.

I bought a diesel pusher RV. That gave me more options when it came to towing a vehicle, because there are fewer weight restrictions than with gas models. For the reasons I enumerated in the previous post, I wanted to flat-tow, not use a trailer or dolly, and I did not want to make any after-market modifications to the car to do so. I focused on certain models of automatic, flat-towable Jeeps and older Honda CR-V’s, but quickly set my sights on the CR-V for less weight, better gas mileage, lower price point, and fewer and less expensive repairs comparatively to the Jeep models.

The newest Honda CR-V automatic is no longer flat towable but I did not want to buy a brand new car to tow behind an RV anyway. Have you seen these contraptions and nets and barriers people put on their towing devices to prevent rock chips and the like? I prefer a car with a few warts already, so incidental scratches and chips make me no never mind. Internet research revealed that the 2003-ish Honda CR-V came in a goldish brown/tan color that would match the rig nicely. Yes, those of you who know me should not be surprised that color coordination was part of my purchasing process! Two almost identical cars were for sale in the Portland area – one by private owners, and the other at a dealership.

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