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The implications of ‘net neutrality’ on mobile Internet

From the bloggers at RV Mobile Internet:

The FCC voted last week to classify broadband Internet (including mobile Internet) as a telecommunication service, with Internet now regulated the same way that voice networks have been, classified as “common carriers” under Title II of the 1934 Telecommunications Act.

Carriers will still be allowed to manage their network, which means that limitations on speeds and usage will be allowed. But they must be managing their network treating users and traffic fairly, not for commercial gain prioritizing some traffic over others.The FCC explicitly clarifies:

However, the network practice must be primarily used for and tailored to achieving a legitimate network management—and not commercial—purpose. For example, a provider can’t cite reasonable network management to justify reneging on its promise to supply a customer with “unlimited” data.

Grandfathered unlimited data plans will thus probably cease to be at risk of being throttled – a boon for those who have them.

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