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The Greater Outdoors: Check out these epic RV road trips

From the bloggers at The Greater Outdoors.

Whether you own an RV or have decided to rent one for a fun trip this summer, you need to have some destinations in mind. Sure, it can be fun to go to the same RV campsite every season. You can develop friendships with fellow RVers and know that you will always have a good time.

However, a stunning back drop and a road trip to a place that you have never explored before is what RVing is really all about. After all, RVs offer all the comforts of home while allowing for the freedom to take the show on the road.

So where should you go? The following epic RV road trip locales will definitely serve as a very memorable trip.

The Hermann Wine Trail, Missouri

For all you wine enthusiasts out there, The Hermann Wine Trail is the perfect epic RV road trip for you. Located in Missouri, this wine trail winds for 20 miles along the Missouri River. It features seven family-owned wineries that offer tastings and tours to visitors. At varying times of the year, you can also find live entertainment and other special events along the trail such as the Berries and BarBQ Wine Trail tour taking place the last full weekend of July.

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