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The Good Life RV: Tiny house vs. RV: What’s the difference?

From the bloggers at the Good Life RV: 

Tiny houses can do everything an RV can do, right? Wrong! Though both are made for mobile living, there are some key differences to consider if you are torn between buying a tiny house or an RV.


For years, RVs have been engineered to get the most out of limited space. This means RVs have more storage space and extras like built-in shelves or sleeping areas. Tiny houses are bulkier and typically only offer one sleeping area. It is difficult to build a traditional tiny house on wheels that is comparable in size to an RV without going over the weight limit for towing.


When you decide to purchase an RV there is a large market of new and used options to fit within your ideal price range. Not to mention there are many makes and model options that have a variety of features to fit your needs.  From pop-ups to toy haulers, you will surely find an RV that’s the right fit for you!  Good luck finding those options with tiny houses.

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