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The Globe: Campground for all

From the writers at The Globe.

If you’re like me, you love the outdoors and can’t seem to set enough time aside to experience the vast, beautiful and unforgiving world nature provides just outside our doorstep.

Growing up in Alaska, being outside and experiencing nature in its purest form was never a rarity. Hiking, camping, backpacking, fishing and hunting were all normal and almost expected adventures to embark on. Challenging myself against nature, which is not obligated to offer its hospitality, has always been an attraction to me. Now in North Carolina, I aim to experience the same forces of nature that shaped me in the West.

Each week, I will share a topic, experience, review or even at times discuss controversial issues regarding what we all love, the great North American wilderness.

Recently, I heard the Marine Corps Community Services’ Outdoor Adventures office was working on constructing a campground on base for service members and their families. Last week, feeling the urge to get away from my barracks room, I grabbed a friend, we loaded our gear up in my truck and drove to the campground.

To read the full story in The Globe, click here.

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