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The Globe and Mail: Former teachers spend their retirement on the road

From the bloggers at Globe and Mail.

When Shelley Smith recalls her “perfect day” at the bottom of Mexico’s Baja California Peninsula, you can understand why she and her husband John have decided to spend their retirement on the road.

“We camped in Santiago Beach, we went kayaking and the dolphins came by. Then we stopped at a baby island and put on our snorkels and got some scallops. We did some fishing and then we kayaked back, and they had some hot springs you could get into,” says the 55-year-old retired teacher. “That was one of my favourite days, it was just amazing.”

Though Shelley and John Smith’s fifth-wheel trailer has seen the warmer parts of North America during the winter, for those who choose colder destinations, routine maintenance is key.

Many Canadians take trips in the winter months, but not everyone gets the proper health coverage. Travel health insurance expert Alex Bittner says there are three things travellers should consider when buying health insurance.

Shelley and John Smith are RVers, which means they spend their winters in their recreational vehicle – travelling with their truck and fifth-wheel trailer across the warmer parts of North America. Summers are spent at their home in Courtney, B.C., in the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island.

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