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The Globe and Mail: An RV trip to Quebec puts a marriage to the test

From the writers at The Globe and Mail.

When I was pregnant, a friend suggested we go on a portage around Algonquin Park. She offered to do all the heavy lifting and I sarcastically said that if she carried my bed and a flush toilet, I’d be happy to come.

It was clear from the start I was not going to be one of those moms who hikes through the bush with a baby on her back. In fact, until this summer, I hadn’t camped in 15 years.

I’m just not that into bug bites, bad hygiene and eating out of cans. However, when an opportunity to go RV camping arose, I saw it as a chance to try roughing it again – but with air-conditioning and a shower. I picked out a couple of campsites in la belle province, borrowed a Honda Pilot to tow our rental and packed up the family for our first trailer-camping adventure.

At Owasco RV Rentals in Oshawa, Ont., Chris Verwey gave us the rundown on how the RV plumbing, electrical and sewage systems worked. Emptying the “poop chute” would be my job, my husband declared, then busied himself filling the fridge with beer.

To read the full story by The Globe and Mail, click here.

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