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The Fit RV: Two weeks with Lance

From the bloggers at The Fit RV.

We’ve been on the road for over two weeks, but we got home last night, and I’ll be getting back to work on my backlog. But before I do all that, a quick update on our new Travato.

After two weeks and two thousand miles living in Lance, Stef and I are getting to know him pretty well. Some things have worked out even better than we thought they would, and some are… well… still works in progress. Here’s a quick rundown.


First off, I’m hoping the mileage gets better. I know it’s only been two thousand miles, but the initial numbers are a little disappointing. Here’s what I mean:

According to the on-board computer, Lance’s lifetime average is 14.8 miles per gallon, and the vast majority of those miles are highway miles. That’s not awful, but it’s also not the mid-fifteen I was hoping for. Not only that, but the mileage I calculated at the pump was consistently 1mpg less than the on-board computer reports.

I did spend some time on this trip talking with other Travato owners, and I’m definitely on the lower end of the mileage scale.

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