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The Fit RV: Surviving the holidays with your sanity

From the bloggers at The Fit RV.

Being a personal trainer can be interesting. We get close to our “clients.” There’s a unique bond that forms over time, very different from, say, a doctor/patient type situation. We text each other, we crack jokes, we know everything about each others families and lives.

But there’s another intriguing side to personal training. Trainers get to see behavioral patterns from our clients, and can even begin to predict and expect things…like cancellations, weight fluctuations, lack of motivation etc.

Usually these things are individualized, depending on happenings in the person’s life. But, then there’s this other ime of year, where there tends to be this collective behavioral pattern that sets in across the board.
The holidays.

The holiday mindsets have already kicked in with my trainees, and we’re still over a week away from Thanksgiving. They’re making their holiday plans, cancelling upcoming workouts, and telling me all the things they have to do.

The RVers are taking off soon. The grandparents will be hosting their out of town kids. The moms are preparing for the winter break and having their kids full-time again. Everyone’s shopping up a storm. As they rattle off their holiday to-do lists, I interrupt.

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