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The Fit RV: Showtime with Lance

From the bloggers at The Fit RV.

This is what he was made for, and now it’s finally happened. This past weekend Lance rode in a 300 mile bike race.  I guess I should say James rode in a bike race.

Lance got to leap frog James for the entire 300 miles of ridiculousness, with me at the wheel, alone, for the very first time.

All those extra customizations Winnebago did for us on our pimped out Travato 59G were mostly for this purpose. We wanted an RV that would serve as the perfect cycling support vehicle, and would stand up to the kind of lunatic adventures James seems to rope us into.

And I do mean lunatic, because who in their right mind would want to 1) race a bike 300 miles over mountains, 2) pay $300 to do so, and 3) rope their wife into tagging along for the “fun”.  All I can say in James’ defense is at least he didn’t enter the 500 mile race.

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