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The Fit RV: RVing your way to the fountain of youth

From the bloggers at The Fit RV.

My sister Debbie told me a funny story the other day. She was watching a reality show with my elementary-aged niece, Lilly. The show was about mothers and daughters, and involved some sort of competition. As the show focused on the mothers, Lilly complained, “This part’s so boring, the mothers are old, I’d rather watch the daughters.” My sister teased, “Perhaps you shouldn’t be so judgy, someday you’re going to be older, too…” Lilly said (in all seriousness), “Nope, I’m going to find the youth fountain.”

While the story made me chuckle, it also stuck with me. We’re all aging, even Lilly. As long as we have a heart beat, each day we wake up that much older.

The kicker is, we all age in different ways. There’s genetics, which leaves us either thanking or cursing mom and dad. And then there are the choices we make along the way.

Sadly, there’s no “youth fountain” in the way crazy little Lilly envisions it. But there really are things we can do to be younger and live longer. Here’s a snapshot of some research-based ways to add years to your life and your RVing years.

1. Move, Move, Move.

Of course, being physically active is the first one that comes to mind – and it’s a biggie. People who exercise live longer. Regular exercise lowers your disease risk as well, so not only will you extend your years, your years will be healthier.

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