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The Fit RV: Progress on the RV emergency kits

From the bloggers at The Fit RV.

It’s been a while since I’ve provided an update on the RV Emergency Kits, so let me fill you in on how things are progressing. It’s been an interesting experience being involved with Essential Packs as they develop a new product. I’ve learned a thing or two, and I’ve gotten to see some neat new products as well. Here’s what’s transpired.

After collecting input from our Fit RV readers, and some over on the Class B Forum, I had a pretty long list of supplies. When I combined this list with some of the standard survival kits, it really was a lot. Then, I took the list to the Emergency Preparedness Coordinator for our city, and discussed the contents with him. We ruled some things out, and added some more.

After that, it was still a pretty big list I sent back to Essential Packs – probably more than you’d want to carry in a Class B.  Thinking about it further, we realized that there are a lot of different scenarios that RVers might find themselves in.

For example: some RVs will never see a dirt road. Those RVs may spend most of their days with full hookups and good cell service. And some RVs want nothing to do with pavement. For those RVs, does it make sense to even include jumper cables? I mean, what good are jumper cables if there’s nobody within 50 miles to give you a jump? And even the RVers themselves are different: when Stef and I travel, it’s just the two of us. But some RVs have seat belts for 8 or more!

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