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The Fit RV: Myre — Big Island State Park, Minn.

From the bloggers at The Fit RV.

Since getting our Travato, Stef and I have been staying in fewer and fewer formal RV parks and campgrounds, preferring remote, dispersed camping sites instead. That is, after all, part of the allure of getting a new Class B – we can take it anywhere.

And we usually have sort of campsite-ADD, rarely staying in place more than one night. But recently, when we were spending a few nights in the new Winnebago Fuse, we decided to be a little more traditional, head to a regular campground, and try not to move around so much. For this, we wound up at Myre – Big Island State Park, near Albert Lea, Minn. I’m happy to report, we didn’t regret this one bit.

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