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The Fit RV: My days as a RV salesman

From the bloggers at The Fit RV.

Just over two months ago, I was sweating it out at the Pomona show in 100-plus degree heat, working, for the first and only time ever, as an RV salesman.  Stef may have mentioned a time or two that I can get myself caught up in some pretty unusual situations, usually on a whim. I think this one qualifies.

We went to this year’s Pomona show for two main reasons;

  • To do our regular “what’s new” video thing
  • To hang out with our friends from Winnebago and spread the Travato gospel

And while that was all we had planned for, fate had other plans. On the very first day of the show, right before it opened, I was joking with some of the managers with Mike Thompson RV.

And with no more thought to it than that, I was on my way to becoming an RV sales person, and learning a bit about the RV Show world in the process.   So yeah, I basically took a job on a whim.

To read the full story by The Fit RV, click here.

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