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The Fit RV: Cycling, misadventures, & our last trip with Das Bus part 2

From the bloggers at The Fit RV.

When I read other people’s blogs about their wonderful RV trips, and how poetically perfect they transpire, I’m always in awe. Because when James and I travel, it’s more like a sitcom than a magical journey. Sure we have wonderful RV trips and tons of fun on the road, but that’s always mixed in with a challenge or two (thousand) along the way. It’s just expected.

Take the air conditioner. Das Bus’ air conditioner works way too well. Whoever designed it must have been some sort of over-achieving meat locker maintenance man in another life. Because why, why, I ask you, must an air conditioner cool so well your RV gets to 40 degrees (below zero) on the LOW setting? And since James was an Eskimo in his past life, he loves it.

We took our RV “Das Bus” out for one last hurrah this past weekend before we sell her and head to Iowa to pick up our new one. We started our weekend adventures with some super cool sailing on Utah Lake, which I already covered in this blog post. It was over 100 degrees out all weekend….so we looked forward to the air conditioning in the RV after sailing.

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