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The Fit RV: 5k training plan

From the bloggers at The Fit RV.

And here we are, already going into week no. 3 on our 5k training. Great job sticking with it, and congratulations on already putting in 4 hours of training! It only gets more challenging as we go, so stay focused and disciplined.

You’ve had time to get a feel for how the intervals work by now. Some of you have emailed me that you’ve been taking a little cheat sheet with you, or running with your phone’s browser pulled up, so you can refer back to the plan. That’s great, whatever works!

Also, I don’t want you to worry about going fast during these training sessions. Speed will come later, but for now you need to improve your aerobic base. Until then, keep your jogging pace easy and comfortable.

To read the full story by The Fit RV, click here.

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