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The Fit RV: 35 days till RV-day

From the bloggers at The Fit RV.

This is the week that our shiny yellow Promaster begins its metamorphosis…into the pimped out Travato we’ll finally get to meet on July 13, the day before our shakedown cruise. We’re so excited, it’s hard to think of anything else.

Here’s my brain process right now:

1. The RV build is starting!

2. We have to start thinking of a name. And we need bedding. All new bedding. What should we do for bedding? A comforter with bikes on it would be cool…

3. We also need cupboard organizers. All the cool RVers have tricked out super-organized cabinets. I better hit the Container Store and put pix of me there on Facebook so people will think I’m a cool RVer, too…

James has the new RV on the brain, too. But, of course, his brain works a little differently:
1. The RV build is starting; cool.
2. I didn’t specify an R-value for the insulation or which vent covers I prefer. Perhaps I should fret to Stef about these things instead of calling Winnebago.

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