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The Dunn County News: Great camping just around the bend

From the writers at The Dunn County News.

I was sitting in my kitchen eating breakfast the other day and I heard birds singing. Wow! That triggered thoughts of summer and camping. Hence, I began to plan a summer camping trip. I got to thinking, camping trips don’t have to be epic coast-to-coast affairs, it would be interesting to plan a week-long camping trip and never get more than an hour from Menomonie.

Camp will be set up at Brunet Island State Park near Cornell. Since this is a vacation, it’s best to take the scenic route to Brunet Island. Drive north on Highway 25 until it intersects with Highway 64. Then follow 64 to the east until it gets to Cornell. The road to the park is immediately before the bike bridge. Brunet Island is spread out over several islands and several plots of land on various banks of the Fisher and Chippewa rivers. The majority of the park’s facilities are on the biggest island, including the boat launch, swimming beach, picnic area and campgrounds. The ranger station and a long hiking trail are on the mainland on the way into the park.

Brunet Island State Park has two campgrounds — North and South. The south campground, located near the picnic area and the swimming beach, is the smaller of the two. The north campground is spread out on two peninsulas and about half of the campsites have access to the lake. If boating and canoeing are part of the camping agenda, the north campground is the place to camp.

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