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The Des Moines Register: 5 ways to stay fit on vacation

From the writers at The Des Moines Register.

Pack your bags, dust off your tents and tune up the RV — August is here, and it’s vacation time! Everyone deserves quality time to kick back and relax, but it’s all too common for a short vacation to transform into a free-for-all binge session, causing all previous fitness progress to evaporate. Don’t allow a vacation to force you two steps back with your health and fitness goals.

Stock a large cooler

What’s the worst way to break the bank while on vacation? Eating three meals a day in restaurants. By the time a family of four has finished an uninspired breakfast of pancakes and lukewarm eggs, you’ve shelled out $60. And what’s worse? Your order of biscuits and gravy is now bloating your belly enough to postpone your hike near the Grand Canyon or that bike ride you promised the kids.

The best way to avoid this scenario is to pack a large cooler with provisions for multiple meals and healthy drinks for hydration. Once you arrive at your destination, shop locally to purchase a few days’ worth of groceries.

To read the full story by The Des Moines Register, click here.

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