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The DePaulia: Find adventure and go camping this summer

From the bloggers at The DePaulia.

Illinois has 350 state parks, 100 of which have campsites, and the Illinois Department of Natural Resources manages over 450,000 acres of land. According Tim Schweizer from the IDNR, Illinois state parks have 40 million visitors every year.

The big question is why would anyone, not to mention millions of people, voluntarily sleep outside on the ground when they could sleep in a comfy bed with air conditioning and a warm shower?

“People go camping in the Midwest because it is a way to get outdoors,” Schweizer said. “You can enjoy outdoor recreation activities and stay at the same place, with the park just outside your RV door or tent flap.”

Camping, while forcing you to forgo the comfy bed, does have its perks. DePaul junior Emily Creek had a clear explanation for why she enjoys camping.

“Camping is obviously the best,” Creek said. “You’re out in nature. In Chicago, there is no real way to enjoy the outdoors, especially at night. You will get closer with the people you go with, even if they are already your best friends. You get to enjoy the campfire and see the stars without technology getting in the way.”

Taking a break from technology and the anxieties of college are both commonly cited reasons that motivate students to pack their bags, don their hiking boots and head for the woods.

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