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Daily Meal - Bear

The Daily Meal: Nine items most likely to attract a bear to your campsite

From the bloggers at The Daily Meal:

One of the coolest things about camping is the fact that you may be sharing the habitat of more than a few wild animals — but it’s also one of the scariest things to think about. And because camping is all about respecting nature, it’s pretty important to make sure that while visiting any ecosystem, you don’t disrupt the lives of any permanent residents, especially those that are bigger, faster, and stronger than you.

We first turned to experts at the National Park Service to ask what kinds of foods would be most likely to attract bears and other animals, but the answer, it turns out, is a little too simple to break down: pretty much all of it.

“Bears are omnivores, consuming a variety of plant- and animal-based meals throughout the months that they are not hibernating,” says Kati Schmidt of the National Park Service. “When it comes to foods that are meant for us humans, ‘all of the above’ is the general answer for foods that may attract animals to your campsite.”

With that in mind, we’ve compiled the list of items that are most likely to, at the very least, make a bear or two quite curious about you.

To watch a slideshow showing the nine items bears like the most, click here.  Hint: The slideshow controls are the red buttons in the upper right corner of the page.

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